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Empowering Authors, Publishing Dreams

A Muse Publishing was founded in 2022 by author Sade Louise. After self-publishing her own series Undivided, she believed she could be of aid to authors struggling between the traditional and indie route—utilizing the best of both worlds.


Here at A Muse Publishing, we want to take the creative freedom of self-publishing and combine it with the professionalism and high-quality works of traditional. We believe in forging our own path in publishing while striving to better ourselves and our business.

Our goal at A Muse Publishing is to support authors in attaining their dream of seeing their work in print. We know all the blood, sweat, and tears that go into writing and are here to aid in editing, marketing, and all the details that go into publishing a book.

Above all, we are committed to supporting diverse works by diverse authors.

Whenever I think of creativity, I think of the Muses. The things, people, and places that inspire our imagination. In Greek mythology, The Muses were goddesses of poetic inspiration, the adored deities of song, dance, and music. They were depicted as either three goddesses or nine and ruled over inspiration, memory, music, poetry, the arts, and sciences. These goddesses always intrigued me, and when coming up with a name I knew I wanted to incorporate it into the business, especially since writing is highly imaginative. 

The 'A" in the name was chosen to represent how the business name can be read in two different ways. Either as A Muse, representing the inspirational side of writing, or Amuse, to represent the fun and entertaining side of reading a story.

As for the grape logo, there are two reasons it was selected. The first is because of the Muse Polyhymnia whose domain lies over hymns. When she is represented as an agricultural goddess her symbol is grapes. The second reason is because of my long-time writer's group Anders Grapes, where we have two rules for our writing; to include a character named Anders and to see how many times we can incorporate the word grapes into our stories.

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